Year In Fear

by On Point

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released February 7, 2016

Recorded by Blake Hardman @ Casa De Basement Studios



all rights reserved


On Point Nashville, Tennessee




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Track Name: Dogpile
Still on point still on another level
We fear no man no gods and no devils

Life in the dog pile
We fight for the top
Broke loose from our chains
Now we can't be stopped
Track Name: Name Dropper
I don't give a shit about your fake friends
Go validate yourself to someone else
You lack connection to the real world
You just want another trophy for your shelf.

Name dropper
It's a game of who knows who that I don't care to play
Don't tell me your stories they all bore me
I know you've got nothing to say
What do you have to show for all the worthless people that you know

Name drop gotta stop
Track Name: Peacin' Out
You feed the fire you don't desire to change your ways and admit defeat
Us vs them till the end
Bury your problems 6 feet deep

We must view both sides
Put away our bullshit pride
Eye for an eye
Waste of life
This is what happens when worlds collide
We're policing the world
we're spreading fear in the streets
Violence met with violence only makes enemies

You're prayin for peace man but why even bother
It's a hard world and it's only gettin harder
Track Name: Fearmonger
This world sends distractions
To blur my sight
But I'm fighting the current
With all of my might
Bent but not broken I bounce back
When backed into corners I go on attack
I wont feed off your fear

To the powers that be man I've got some bad news
I'm not playin your games thats why I never lose
Track Name: Low Life, High Hopes
Racism feeds in the hearts of the weak
Fanatics they won't find the god that they seek
Your heads full of fear you're living in the past
It's survival of the fittest and your kind won't last
Its hard to have hope in this day and age
Surrounded by morons with no brains
Good for you you've got your beliefs
Stick to your guns and have it out in the street

I wont be my fathers son
I've gotta have hope I'm not the only one

Choke on the gunsmoke
Give your life for god
When It's all said and done no one will applaud
Track Name: NJNP
We will never bend to your will
A badge is not a license to kill
You enforce the law you aren't above it
Point your gun at me man I'll show you where to shove it

No justice no peace
No justice til you're off the streets
You serve yourselves and spread mistrust
Try all you want you won't intimidate us
Track Name: Entitled Age
Such a pretty face
Yeah it's plain to see
You love yourself enough
For the both of us
But what lies underneath
Nothing's worth the effort
Nothing we have is earned
Nothing lost and nothing gained
Too stubborn to ever learn
Welcome to the age of entitlement

Beauty fades and your depth runs skin deep
When yours is gone where will you be
Track Name: Camacho
I don't care what you believe
Just don't try and deny the harsh reality
You are the problem when we need solutions
Got no time for your mental pollution

You fight to prove you're right
Meanwhile we watch the world burn

Actions come with consequences but your kind never learns

You will never learn.

You speak of the truth but your faith is spent
And my pockets dont have room for your two worthless cents
We are sick of your bullshit nothing fits can't you see it
Your time is running up
Track Name: Don Himself
Asshole elite your mouth spits disease
Xenophobic scum you don't deserve to breathe
You curry favor with fear
You built an empire on greed
Behead the serpent masked as a king
It's not too late
Track Name: Wordplay
You say it's a joke it's all in good fun
I don't buy what you have to sell
You think you speak for everyone
Yeah I know your type all too well

Don't need to explain
Don't need your excuse
Try and change your mind?
I know there's no use
Yeah well I guess great minds don't always think alike

This subtle hate is a weight dragging you down
Cut the cord before you fuckin drown

I can't believe the things you say
What makes you act that way
Track Name: Parasite II
Hidden hands choke the life out of every man
A leech that wants to take hold
Complacent and content with the lesser than
Get out of the stranglehold

The middle class are fed a dead dream
The harder we work the further we fall
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
Convincing us he never lived at all
We've got to arm the poor with a mind to ask for more

Come to collect
You'll get whats yours
Bloodsucker your time is coming